It's 2006 and everyone's trying to make it big on video sharing platform TubeTube. Nichole was just another fresh-faced vlogger... before she mysteriously disappeared, along with her channel.One user by the name of weblurknerd archived many of her videos after noticing some peculiar shadows between edits... But how much could anyone discover through old screengrabs?

➟ Story continues in Living with a Monster.


What happened to the haunted vlogger who mysteriously disappeared... and how did the haunting begin? With a coven of middle schoolers, obviously.Living with a Monster is the official backstory to the NVRLYALONE webseries told by Nichole, formatted as a series of character-made zines and vertical webcomics.

LWAM can also be enjoyed as a standalone comic!


Benjamin has been working alone at The Spiral Eye, the best corner-store in purgatory. Just when Ben gets used to the lonely grind, Kitsch, a doting fanatic of all things in the world of the living, is hired to work beside him.With long hours, undead denizens, and a secret that could jeopardize everything: together they must brave the Graveyard Shift. Currently In Development



Autobio comic strip started in 2015 ✦
Can contain mature themes.

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Every witch's path begins when they start training to find their purpose. Unfortunately despite years of training, Barsa's magic is still limited to lights & projections.Working within her limitations, the cycle of fooling one town and moving onto the next with street magic shows is interrupted when Barsa is approached by Robin, a teen wishing to learn advanced magic. Can the pair find their place as witches for hire? Or will they be found out to be all smoke and mirrors? Unfinished

archived mini comics & misc projects

the search for other wug

You play Wug! Looking for other wug!Simple little RPGMaker2k3 game made in 10 days. Download Includes devblog .pdf2012 release, 2018 update

minecraft idea generator

Single button generator to give building ideas and inspire creativity. Simple and old, but people seem to like it so I'm keeping it up. :)

Original Music


Development Pending

RG began as a parody project with a friend of mine! We tried to smash every christmas movie cliche we could think of together into one cornball musical about ending Santa's reign over the North Pole and restoring respect to the identities of the overworked elves and reindeer.

hi I'm koda and I made you something!!I also go by Puddle online!! I'm a self-taught independent creator. I express myself and experiences through my original art, music, story comics, animations, and youtube videos since 2008!!Here's a database with a timeline of a bunch of projects I've done over the years, tagged with my production roles!! Many of them are now archived & accessible though my mailing list or patreon.