hello hello I'm koda star, aka puddle! I'm a non-binary cartoonist and songwriter living in SoCal!

I stream what I'm working on every Mon/Wed/Fri @ 12 PST !

Comics & Visual Stories


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Animations & Videos

Drafts & Process

I work primarily in sai and fire alpaca alongside sony vegas for the majority of my animations. I also use photoshop, after effects, and sometimes even cacani!





Commission Info

Animation commissions are available!
Email for details & quotes!

Commissions are completed within 2 weeks & take priority over all other projects as soon as payment is received.
If you'd like multiple orders, please fill out the form multiple times! You will only receive one invoice of the combined total.

✅ Original Characters Accepted
✅ Fanart of Characters Accepted
✅ Humans & Furries Accepted
✅ NSFW/18+ Commissions Accepted
❓ Not sure? Ask! (order@itpuddle.com)

Buyer Agreement
Review your choices before submitting. By submitting your order you're agreeing to the entirety of the buyer agreement. While the artist does not accept refunds for completed pieces, they will make adjustments to your order on request until they deem the order to be completed. The artist reserves the right to refuse an order and deny payment on the grounds that it is deemed offensive or outside of their skill set. Commissions may be posted on the artist's public galleries/portfolios and may be streamed live. Private commissions are available on request. The client is free to share/post the commission, though may not claim the work as their own/resell the piece.

Tips are appreciated but not required!

Lined Icons

Paint Icons

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Paint Torso

Lined Fullbody

Paint Fullbody

TOON Stickers & Clutter Pages

toon style is simplified with thick lines and expressive faces!