oh hello! I'm koda star, aka puddle!

I'm a non-binary 25 year old comics person, youtuber, cartoonist, streamer, and songwriter living in Orange County!

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Active Projects 2019

Puddle Comic

After IGG funding, Puddle Comic started in 2014 with a weekly updated schedule. It was later moved to hosting on tapas.io!

Puddle Comic is an autobio webcomic featuring my anxieties, loved ones, and, ykno, some jokes.

I still post to it every so often now! It's an outlet of sorts. :)

Street Magic

Every witch's path begins when they leave home to begin their training to find their purpose. Some predict the future or generate power with the snap of their fingers. Unfortunately despite years of training, Barsa's magic is still limited to lights & projections.

Working within her limitations, the cycle of fooling one town and moving onto the next with street magic shows is interrupted when Barsa is approached by Robin, a teenager who wants to learn advanced magic.

Can the two find their place as witches for hire or will they be found out to be all smoke and mirrors?


It's 2006 and everyone's trying to make it big on the newest video sharing platform TubeTube. Nichole (user "nvrlyalone") was just another fresh-faced vlogger trying to find her style... before she mysteriously disappeared, along with her channel.

One mysterious user by the name of 'weblurknerd' archived many of the videos from her channel after noticing some peculiar shadows between edits... But how much could someone discover through old screengrabs?

Living With A Monster

LWAM is a continuation on nvrlyalone's story, told from Nichole's perspective in her journal. LWAM is formatted as a series of zines and vertical webcomics.

Graveyard Shift

Benjamin had been working alone for what felt like an eternity at The Spiral Eye, the best corner-store in purgatory, known as The In-Between. Customers include the creepy, the crawly, the undead, and even the demonic!

Just when Ben is getting used to the daily grind, he's forced out of his comfort zone when Kitsch, a doting fanatic of all things in the world of the living, is hired to work beside him.

With long hours, unpredictable clientele, and a secret that could jeopardize everything, together they must brave the Graveyard Shift.

Reindeer Games

Story Art by Shelby Bennet

RG began as a parody project with a friend of mine! We tried to smash every christmas movie cliche we could think of together into one cornball musical about ending Santa's reign over the North Pole and restoring respect to the identities of the overworked elves and reindeer.

Yeah, it's kinda silly. That's half the fun!

*On hiatus until my backtrack guy gets back to me. Venezuela is a mess right now.

wanna hear some song demos?

Comics & Visual Stories


Complete on Tapas

Complete on Patreon [Free to Read]

I also made a free game in 2012 (re-released in 2018)

Animations & Videos

Drafts & Process

I work primarily in sai and fire alpaca alongside sony vegas for the majority of my animations. I also use photoshop, after effects, and sometimes even cacani!






Commission Info

comic and animation commissions are available! order@itpuddle.com for details, questions, and quotes!

Commissions are completed within 2 weeks & take priority over all other projects as soon as payment is received.

✅ Original Characters Accepted
✅ Fanart of Characters Accepted
✅ Humans & Furries Accepted
📂NSFW/18+ Case by Case
❓ Not sure? Ask!
*links to samples available on request

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TOON Stickers & Clutter Pages

toon style is simplified with thick lines and expressive faces!

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